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The Turner Prize was being held in Derry. How were we going to attract 40,000 people to the specially built gallery, as our Derry audience were not known for attending art galleries.

We believe people don't have to be experts to enjoy (or have a reaction) to contemporary art. So we made the people of Derry the heroes of the campaign. 

A mobile studio drove around the city inviting locals to step in & react to Turner Prize art. As they watched elephant poo paintings, cock-nosed mannequins, Tracey's filthy bed and fish in formaldehyde, we captured their reactions. Their faces appeared (over 3m high) on discused buildings, the town hall and other historical landmarks and lampposts across the entire city. 

Hundreds of people reacted in the mobile studio & 55,000 visitors visited the gallery, 8000 of which were kids.


You can see all the portraits here 

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