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Only 8% of senior positions in Ad land are held by those from minority backgrounds.

I think this is pretty awful. And not just because I'm bored of always being one of the only faces of colour in meetings, pitches, lunches, football team, mens toilet and awards do’s. It also makes life more interesting which, makes the work better and creates a workplace more representative of the world outside. This can only be a good, no, great thing. 

Some suggest the way to change it is via prehistoric institutions or men in expensive suits or agency 'diversity schemes'.       

I'm not convinced.   


I believe it's by speaking to young people, early in their lives, who aren't cut from the traditional Ad land mould and making them aware that this profession exists and, is open to a range of people, with differing talents.

It doesn’t seem like much, but I'm certain this is the most effective starting point in creating a more balanced, diverse and interesting industry.

And in doing so, 8 will become 9, will become 10, will become 11...

To find out more and to sign up please visit 


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